6:39 – A GAME OF CHESS – Music Video

You get everything you are looking for. What a reality and what a dream!
This sentence is exactly the example of the “theme” and perspective of this music video, whose most important focus is on extraterrestrial love and power. In “6:39”, the boundaries between reality and truth (ideal city) become one to convey to the audience a suspended and weightless state. This is while the audience receives the most impact and feeling of fluidity right in the last scene. Where surrealism reaches its peak. The inner philosophy of “6:39” describes love and imagining unattainable things. A world dream without pretending resentment. The main character bridges to another world through his connection to “nature”. The border between the urban world and the ideal world is just a “bridge”. simply! Because the philosophy of love is in simplicity. Because love is created from simplicity, not complexity. He is looking for his “soul mate” in the middle of a mysterious forest. Everything loses its current definition, even clothes and clothing. It is as if entering the real world affects everything. The interesting thing about this work is that the main character’s girlfriend enters the “private and surreal world” and this has been one of the creative ideas in writing the script. It is as if every person is allowed to enter the truth, and this loving and surreal world is not for special people. We are all invited.
I wish the music in the middle did not stop suddenly and for a long time. This long interruption causes “disconnection” for the audience. In fact, the audience is confused for a while whether they are watching a short film or a music video ?! In essence, I want to say that maturity has not taken place in the form of this work. This immaturity is felt in various components such as: screenplay, costume design, special effects, directing, editing and rhythm, acting.
But at the same time, symbolism lies at the heart of this music video. Elements such as: forest, bridge, water, lake (which symbolizes the border between worlds), spaceship, wizard, well invite the audience’s perception to a genuine and deep concept. Finally, I say that the works that reconcile the audience with love and the meaning of life are respectable and honorable. The only promising truth is the existence of “love”.

DIRECTED BY Patrice M Bonneyrat
COUNTRY United States
REVIEWED BY Peyman Shahmohamadi (Honorable Jury, IRAN)
WUIFF December-January SESSION 2021-22

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