Sacred Mountain| Erin Espelie| Women’s Film| United States

The Scariest Movie Ever Made (2020) | kj ozborne| Debut Filmmaker| United States

Hackers: The Misfit Superheroes| Ethan Wilk| Young Filmmaker| United States

The Oasis| Anirban Chakraborty| Indian Documentary | India

The McHenry Trial – Don’t Judge a Kid by Their Hoodie| Ken Sagoes| Short Film| United States

July 15th| Kristian Comer| Women’s Film| United States

Soul veil| Alaa Al Sehnawi| Best Director | Syrian Arab Republic

Flower Girl| Tyler Darkow| Photography| Washington state




Review| Jonathan Zarantonello| Feature Screenplay| United States

Cowgirls and Indians| Kate Davis| Feature Film | United States

A Christmas Without Snow | Robert Cox| Feature Screenplay| United States

FATAL| Hrishikesh Jadhav| Student Film | India

Bombay By Chance | Sahil Shah| SHORT FILM | INDIA

The Parlor with Jeff + Cosgrove| Daniel Maggio| LGBT Film| United States

A Matter of Perspective| Gerda Leopold| Feature Film| Austria

Dark Forces| Anna Jordan Project| Music Video| Germany

The Champ of Champs | Brian Johnston | Documentary | United Kingdom

Seechers | Natalie Kavanagh | Television / Pilot Program or Series | United Kingdom



Harantena | Haring | Feature Film | Slovenia