Oct-Nov 2019


A Mother's Love By  The Church of Almighty God |  Educational Film  |  Taiwan

Homeboy By  Lucia Cardo Olaran | Short Film | Spain

13 Mysteries By Julia Noel | Western | United States

Hey Dad By  Bhanu Pratap Singh | Short Screenplay |   India 
Audrey and the Rocket By   Molly Bradbrook  |
Student Film| United Kingdom

CADUCEA  By  Christophe Mavroudis | Horror Film | Belgium
KRISHNOBIBOR  By  Piyali Shome  | Women’s Film | India
           Green Line By  Ebin Raj Maliakal | Indian Documentary | India
         A better world    By  Geraldine Ottier |
Educational Film |  Italy

CLOVEN   By Jeffrey Bacus | Short Film | United States




The Torn Wish By   Roshni Hassan   | Women’s Film | India

Acquaintance By Ivan Smirnov | Short Film | Russian

4 0 4 By Zilu Lin | Student Film | United Kingdom

The Titanic Chronicles By Wayne Keeley | Educational Film | United States

Intezaar - The Wait By  Kamlesh Acharya | Family/Children's Film  | India

The Guide By Alexis P. Johnson |  Feature Screenplay   |  United States

      Sleeping  By Shimizu K |  Experimental Film |  Japan

Babele By  Valeria Nardilli  |  Women’s Film |  Italy



Flying  fishes  By  Mohammad towrivarian | Family/Children's Film  | Iran
Savoy: Saga Of An Icon By  Kshitij Sharma | Best Editor  | India

Rising Sun By   Monnoj Baishya   | Feature Film   | Assam, India

Carolina de' Castiglioni for Getting a Scholarship | Best Actress | United States

Kingdom Anthem: The Kingdom Descends Upon the World   By The Church of Almighty God | Music Video | Korea

The Art of Dying By  Shubham Kumar | Indian Documentary | India

Are You Volleyball?! By Mohammad Bakhshi | Short Film | Iran

Proper British Sex By  Shant Hamassian  |  Short Film   |  United States

Mimi Meets Books By Yih-Fen Chou | Animation Short Film | Taiwan

The Present Sacrifice By  Eric Schirtzinger | Travel Film | United States

CADUCEA  By  Christophe Mavroudis | Horror Film | Belgium

Cold Cuts  By  Jose Maria Carrizo | Short Comedy | Argentina

Perfidious By  Louis Watterson  | Best Debut Filmmaker | United States

        Whiteboard Challenge  By  Michael Kureth  |  Television / Pilot Program or Series | United States

     Adamstown By Patrick Merz | Western | Germany