About Us

WUIFF is an International Film Festival jointly organized by professional organizations from India (WUIFF), Hong Kong (Create Asia Group), Italy (L’ulcera del signor Wilson), Japan (Studio51). The film is nothing but creating art. It expresses the function of people like information, education, entertainment and transmission of culture. Every individual has a story. Stories that mesmerize us, stories that make us think, stories that make us believe, give us hope and inspiration. WUIFF is a monthly film festival held in the heart of Kolkata, the City of Joy, Honk Kong . It celebrates films from all around the world with awards in different categories and genres. WUIFF gives the opportunity to indie filmmakers to compete for their dream project with other ingenious filmmakers around the world. WUIFF has its own mission, as a certain amount from each and every project submission in the Festival will be utilized for social cause and at the end of the year during Annual Gala Fest of WUIFF the amount will be handed over to any of the social organizations/ NGO WUIFF also has taken responsibility to outspread the art of cinema among large scale and to execute this goal our team has decided to screen its monthly winning projects in different places across India. ‘White Unicorn International Film Festival’ is more than just a film festival; it is an endless and powerful connection among all filmmakers and film lovers around the globe.