A concept animation based on abstract space that has been able to make creative use of colors as well as digital elements. The concept of this animation, which was based on “rhythm and harmony”, showed the contrast between order and decentralization. That is, exactly where society and human beings are moving towards the media or …

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GodChaserz The Documentary

GodChaserz The Documentary is loyal to its subject and less likely to “distort” or interfere with the truth of Brinson Wright’s “portrait.” Rhythm and beat are some of the hallmarks of this documentary, which owes much to Brinson’s music and multiplicity of works made at various points in his working life. This documentary has a …

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“The pigeon lady” DEPTH REVIEW

Probably the best subject to work on during the times of great turmoil as Pigeons and Doves are not just symbols but their very existence stands for beauty, growth and prosperity, everything that leads to a new beginning.

Darkvision Depth Review

When we say adventure/fantasy/sci-fi we simply expect a whole new world, remotely or directly connected to planet earth and together they remind us the basics of the universe. The short film Darkvision offers a beautiful story that deals with some fundamentals of human world.

“Mikey Can Fight Jackson” DEPTH REVIEW

Undoubtedly, Mickey “Can Fight” Jackson has quite an intriguing story line. The biggest visible atrocity to execute this concept was the shoestring budget or no budget matter that certainly brings the production value down to a notable size.

“Strange Meeting – Centenary Edition” Depth Review

“The artistic face and the reconstruction of art”
The element of the eye at the beginning of the animation, aesthetically, conveyed a deep conceptual burden to the audience at the beginning of this animation. It is as if all experiences are within this gaze, and symbolically, everything is happening within this gaze and eye: