Grydscaen: scout
eve (Episode 3

An animation short with a tint of drama. Yet another story of a faulty system and a reason that humanity should fight for.The concept takes you to a dictopian world where prohibition is being imposed on the common citizens in the name of law and order.In the backdrop of a post nuclear war world where …

Grydscaen: scout
eve (Episode 3
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The Power of Environment

Documentary works are always powerful and impressive because they are original and based on the truth. In a way, it can be said that they can have the greatest impact on their audiences. That is why documentaries have a high value and status and contribute the most to the scientific, cultural and human development of …

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“Translation is that which transforms everything so that nothing changes.” – Gunter Grass Set against the backdrop of a war torn nation the film “Translation” ventures even deeper to the problem of communication between two different people from neighboring countries. A group of Turkish healthcare professionals try to cross the border but their Kurdish guide …

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A Poet’s Childhood – Awakening to Consciousness – Elizabeth Martina Bishop

The most important factor in creating a pure work of art is not the creator of that work. Creation does not happen by force. Creation spontaneously boils from the subconscious of an artist and suddenly a work is born. Creation originates from the world of light and pure nature. Exactly what Elizabeth Martina Bishop does. …

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