Everything I Could

A Film By Ben Cable, Country of Origin- United States

“Everything I Could” is a short drama based on a brief conversation between a father and his daughter unfolding different aspects of human emotions in a complex situation.

A father tries to manage his family that was shattered into pieces by a recent accident. The story unfolds that the damage was even deeper than he thought.
The film begins with a note of astonishment from the father for the unusual degradation in his daughter’s school report card. An apparently common issue to begin a father – daughter conversation that happens every now and then in almost every common household might bring a sort of predictability in the audience about the conclusion. The conversation takes some surprising elevation within a few seconds that makes one delve even deeper to seek immunity from this ever growing disease called mental illness.
The entire film offers us some Cut to Cut, OTS shots to provide it a visual structure. A form of narrative that naturally engages all the attention towards the Screenplay and the Actors. Although the dialogues almost fulfil the requirements of a father – daughter conversation sequence yet the use of a bit more misdirected dialogues or some sort of a modulated conversation could add more merit to the script.
Within a runtime of just 1min 22 seconds the film “Everything I Could” ventures way beyond a common father – daughter conversation. Certain issues like Trauma, depression once taken lightly or pushed aside by blaming others can cause humongous consequences not only for the deceased but for the others attached to them. The film however with a fascinating abrupt ending to the conversation delivers a simple road map that might begin with a little attention or maybe with a few failed conversations.

COUNTRY United States
REVIEWED BY Abhijan Basu (Honorable Jury, INDIA)
WUIFF March-April SESSION 2022

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