GodChaserz The Documentary

GodChaserz The Documentary is loyal to its subject and less likely to “distort” or interfere with the truth of Brinson Wright’s “portrait.” Rhythm and beat are some of the hallmarks of this documentary, which owes much to Brinson’s music and multiplicity of works made at various points in his working life. This documentary has a deep and inseparable connection with “music” that constantly invites the audience to an “alternative”. An ups and downs of excitement are always present at different times in this documentary. Right at peak times, we perceive this feeling through music.
The most important positive aspect of GodChaserz The Documentary is the combination of art (sound and music) with “Christian and spiritual concepts”. This feature somehow clarified the human mission of Brinson Wright and Will Thomas. In a way, reconciling art with spiritual blends is one of the strengths of the documentary that the postmodern world today desperately needs “such combinations.” Because the people of the world today are not well, and works like GodChaserz The Documentary can bring an aspect of “meditation” to its audience. I have a lot of respect for Brinson Wright. Because it is trying to bring people to perfection and resurrection from the perspective of art (music). This was very valuable to me.
But the form of this documentary did not have an aesthetic framework and structure. In principle, it can be said that the cause and effect in the documentary were separate, and most of the information in the story we obtained from the language of the “interviewees” in the documentary. I would have liked Will Thomas to have focused more on Brinson Wright’s personal life and daily life. Some of the main character’s pure moments had to be captured on camera, and we had more access to his personal life.
On the other hand, the video clips that were placed as passages and alternatives in different distances of this documentary, seem to be completely “dotted” and motifs that were edited in a regular way and at equal and symmetrical times.
In the final sequence, all the characters in the form of “Manifesto and Statement” praised Brinson Wright. It is as if everything is coming to a conclusion and a spiritual lesson. It is as if a little is being praised in the main character:
A “heroic” ending! In my opinion, the compression of the “drama” in the final sequence was a bit “slogan”. Everything was concluded directly. The audience realized all this while watching the documentary. There was a kind of “thematic spoiler” in the final sequence.
But finally I can say that as an audience, I completely identified with Brinson Wright and for me this documentary was a combination of “art and spirituality”. Congratulations!

Directed By- Brinson Wright, Will Thomas
Country of Origin- United States
Session- October-November 2021

Reviewed by – PEYMAN SHAMOHAMADI (Honourable Jury, Tehran)

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