Grydscaen: scout
eve (Episode 3

An animation short with a tint of drama. Yet another story of a faulty system and a reason that humanity should fight for.
The concept takes you to a dictopian world where prohibition is being imposed on the common citizens in the name of law and order.In the backdrop of a post nuclear war world where democracy led humanity to a total radioactive fallout a lone hacker tries to fight for freedom and equality. The concept of “Psychic power” and the desperate measures taken by the authorities in the form of curfew adds more merit to the story. The concept tries to explore even further to the strength and weakness of human nature within the well known radius of “rise of a lone savior” story.
The animation short film “grydscaen: scout eve (episode 3)” is part of a good long story. A city under curfew is designed in a very simple and minimalist manner. The characters and their movements, specifically in the action sequences clearly state the Graphic Novel Animation genre. The minimalist design of the drones, lack of shadows in the shadowy alley leaves a sort of sugar-coated comic book effect on the audience. Although a few wide angle frames could be a bit more unorthodox and delightful to watch but the conversation between the hero and his mentor makes it square.
The visual effects used in the action sequences particularly fulfills the criteria of a comic book animation series. Although a little bit more dynamism could add more drama to the presentation.
In a world tormented with political mismanagement and pandemic, depiction of a dark future world with a handful of nuclear war survivors, seems a very necessary fictional content to work on. We may have seen many such future world movies by far but the mind hacker’s survival story also seems worth our attention.
Looking forward to see more from the team.

WUIFF DEPTH REVIEW ON PROJECT “grydscaen: scout eve (episode 3)”
DIRECTED BY Natsuya Uesugi DuBois
COUNTRY United States
REVIEWED BY Abhijan Basu (Honorable Jury, INDIA)
WUIFF February-March SESSION 2022

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