Hitha Yelluru (Honorable Jury,California)

Hitha Yelluru from California, Hitha is a talented singer, songwriter, activist and musical performer.She is on a mission to spread empowerment worldwide through her music. Her love for music started when she was just 4 years old, a child prodigy who got to experiment with diverse music styles growing up, ranging from Indian Classical to Modern Pop. Beautiful music and bold messages collide in Hitha’s songs, promising a better world by being optimistic, realistic, and overcoming adversity together.

Hitha was recently selected as a Youth Ambassador of Unite4:Good, a not for profit organization whose mission is to unite us all in bringing more good into the world. She is also involved with India Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s mission on “Self-Reliant India” and “Save and Educate Girls”. As part of this program, Hitha visits India regularly and visits schools and villages to create awareness and her mission to inspire the youth. She has a beautiful vision for our world where compassion, self-respect, woman empowerment, justice for all, cultural tolerance and an unabashed love for Nature are commonplace.

For more info on Hitha and her music check out: www.hithamusic.com/epk