A FILM BY  Nya Chambless, Origin of Country-United States

You are what you believe yourself to be.” – Paulo Coelho

The short film “Just Believe” deals with some simple yet basic problems of our times.

The story evolves around a young girl with a room full of amenities and a brain full of imaginary stardom. The story eventually unfolds that finally it’s time for her to step out to the world unknown. The task seems ponderous for a home schooled girl for she looks to create a stunning impression over her new friends.

The film, as appears to be, was shot in a very small radius. Arguably it also helps the audience to relate with the actual size of a child’s cocoon when she is at bome. The typically small yet redundant child’s room, the shots taken in the bathroom, the specious and well lighted living cum kitchen however adds more merit to the film. The plentiful drawers in the child’s room also seems reasonable considering the fact that self confidence has nothing to do with amenities.

Although the concept and the dialogues were distinctive yet overall sound quality and specifically expression of the actors needed a bit more attention.

“Just Believe” shows some extentive issues of a post pandemic world in a very suger coated and light hearted manner. How a home schooled child is going to cope up with the rest of the herd is probably the gravest concern of the children and their parents. The film leaves a behavioral guideline even for the parents in the moments of crisis.

COUNTRY United States
REVIEWED BY Abhijan Basu (Honorable Jury, INDIA)
WUIFF March-April SESSION 2022

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