One of the most well crafted projects that I’ve seen in recent times,”Khora” is a short fiction that primarily explores some primitive yet unsolved parts of human psychology. A rare jigsaw puzzle played within the fine line of difference between aspiration and inspiration.
The concept that basically deals with the deepest parts of human psychology beautifully summed up with two characters and their desires of fulfillment through each other.”Vera” a little girl whoes life seems confined in an attic room explores a new taste of companionship within a new found doll.The plot thickens when the doll,the presumably numb one becomes reliant on Vera.A search of impunity in the form of opening closed doors makes the story even more intriguing.
Although the design of the characters and the props used takes us to a certain period of time however the utopian world around Vera creates a beautiful distraction. The magical mirror,the generous ceiling,an antique telephone set and Vera’s scribbled art works are some of the crown jewels of the narrative.
The overall project is a visual delight to watch. The use of visual distortion,the POV shots and the visual effects some how makes one travel way beyond the attic room and wonder even further into the core of their imagination.
“Khora” basically revisits the eternal existential struggle of a conscious being. It’s us or the idea of our existence that we paint in our mind or what we think we should be,is something we seek in our companions. The film leaves some unsolved puzzle pieces and a delightful expectancy for another part with anther allusive fiction.
Looking forward to see more from the team.

DIRECTED BY Nalan Abbasoğlu
WUIFF November-December SESSION 2021

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