“Mikey Can Fight Jackson” DEPTH REVIEW

Student Film (Any length)
Directed By
Jaspaul Seehra
Country of Origin Canada
REVIEWED BY ABHIJAN BASU (Honourable Jury, India)

Undoubtedly, Mickey “Can Fight” Jackson has quite an intriguing story line. The biggest visible atrocity to execute this concept was the shoestring budget or no budget matter that certainly brings the production value down to a notable size. Although some smart measures have been taken to glorify the narrative with black frames, still frames and by the use of cards and comic book character yet the overall production required a bit more subtlety in expressions, look design and cinematography. Tony’s attire and hairstyle should specifically be taken care of for he adds some sort of relief in the flat graph of the narrative. The frames doesn’t offer anything new yet some unwanted jerks makes things even should be better.
However Mickey’s daily routine that includes maintaining daily Journal and dancing, shows the futile effects of conventional stress busters over a huge trauma. The story & the screenplay has clearly got potential.
Looking forward to see much more from the team in near future.

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