A concept animation based on abstract space that has been able to make creative use of colors as well as digital elements. The concept of this animation, which was based on “rhythm and harmony”, showed the contrast between order and decentralization. That is, exactly where society and human beings are moving towards the media or cyberspace, there is no room left for their creativity and ambition. The correct use of the red and green elements refers to exactly this: Kudos to Director.
“Green symbolizes the one percent and distinct stratum of society that lives in the depths, and red symbolizes the ninety-nine percent of society who are lost in the hustle and bustle of modernity.”
The clever use of the famous piece “Beethoven” has greatly contributed to the tone and atmosphere of this animation, and the filmmaker has been able to get closer to his goal by using sound and music.

WUIFF DEPTH REVIEW ON FILM On/Off (Animation Short Film)
DIRECTED BY Nicolas P. Villarreal
COUNTRY Argentina
REVIEWED BY Peyman Shahmohamadi  (Honourable Jury, IRAN)

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