Songqiao Zhao (Programming Head & Jury, Hong Kong)

After graduating from the Communication University of China and the Tianjin Academy of Fine Art, Zhao Songqiao is Visiting professor of Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts ,Also as the CEO of the Create Asia Group in Hong Kong. For his animated film Peking Opera Anima(2014) has received the Best animation film award from the Festival du Cinéma Chinois de Paris and Winning work of ASIAGRAPH Tokyo、Finalist Award of ADAA Fukuoka. His Short film Silver Clown (2020) 、Installation City(2021)、Grand ArtExam(2021)were awarded at the Montecatini International Short Film Festival and won a Madrid Film Award、CortOglobo Film Festival Italy、LAMPA International Film Festival and other awards. His documentary film about “China Intangible Cultural Heritage ” was invited to be shown at the government in Lyon, France,and got the thank letter of the Lyon government. He has also served on the jury at other film festivals.