“Strange Meeting – Centenary Edition” Depth Review

Directed By- David Bunting
Country of Origin- UK
Session- July-August 2021

“The artistic face and the reconstruction of art”
The element of the eye at the beginning of the animation, aesthetically, conveyed a deep conceptual burden to the audience at the beginning of this animation. It is as if all experiences are within this gaze, and symbolically, everything is happening within this gaze and eye:
“Emphasis on Worldview and Ideology”
An atmosphere of panic under the heavy shadow of war. A remake of a classic and luxurious project, this time the digital version is provided for the audience. Reconstruction and adaptation, if done properly, are worth considering. I loved this reconstruction because in a very limited and short time, using a two-dimensional technique as well as the narrator, he achieved an illusory, polluted and war-escaping atmosphere!

Reviewed by – PEYMAN SHAMOHAMADI (Honourable Jury, Tehran)

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