The Power of Environment

Documentary works are always powerful and impressive because they are original and based on the truth. In a way, it can be said that they can have the greatest impact on their audiences. That is why documentaries have a high value and status and contribute the most to the scientific, cultural and human development of human beings. The Power of Environment documentary is no exception. It is as if this documentary considers itself responsible for saving the environment as well as providing vital education, which has become one of the most important concerns for the planet Earth and its inhabitants these days.
I value this byte for this documentary because it offers solutions to save the environment that can have the greatest impact on the audience. The atmosphere and feeling that this documentary conveys to the audience is warm, teamwork, compassionate and savior. But that alone is not enough for a work of art. We must always have some rules in mind to make a documentary. For example, we must pay attention to structure.

But the documentary The Power of Environment need to be little bit improvement in structure. In essence, it is more like a report or a visual workshop that is most influenced by dialogues.
That is, it can be said that there is a formal structure in this documentary and everything is in a linear, simple way. But in the end I can say that the reconstruction of this documentary in a standard and content-oriented way, can have a great impact on biological and environmental concepts for its audience.
Congratulations to this team of environmentalists who, for their part, are now seeking to save the planet Earth and its inhabitants.

WUIFF DEPTH REVIEW ON PROJECT “The Power of Environment”

A documentary directed by Anton Shirokov

Country of origin United States

Reviewed by Peyman Shahmohamadi (Honourable Jury, Iran)

WUIFF January-February SESSION 2022

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