“The Unblemished One” Critique Depth Review

“The Unblemished One” is a performance based projection,an exploration to find the true essence of woman empowerment through experimental dance forms.
The epic character like Ahalya, the one hand picked by the storyteller,is probably one of the most painful examples of an individual’s freedom to choose or to defend themselves in ancient literatures. Neither the great warrior and the demigod Achilles nor The great King of Lanka ever cared to ask the consent of the women they abducted. The concept however explores the divine feminine factor to break the cliche and provide voice to all the unsung wretches from epic.
The entire projection implements several art forms to bring out the true essence of the concept. The pivotal factor however remains to be a fusion dance form,an experimental juxtaposition of conventional Mudras and contemporary postures. The beautiful use of “Bihaag Raag” successfully rejuvenates the mind after a long day although seems a bit more relaxing especially on the context of the struggle to find someone’s inner strength.
For centuries The Divine Masculine and The Divine Feminine factors are being conceptualized as the counterparts to each other. Yet the methods of awakening for “Chandika” and “Kalika” as depicted in Hindu mythology and in some ancient Indian epics are quite rigorous and stern. Within the runtime of 4mins. and 11secs. the film manages to capture a mere glimpse of that ponderous process.
As a performance based projection the cinematography and the overall editing does proper justice to the film however a few sharp cuts and a bit more dynamism in the overall narrative could add some useful change of dimensions in the graph.
Looking forward to see more from the team.”

Reviewed By Abhijan Basu (Honorable Jury, India)

Date of Issue 14/12/2021

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